First of all I would like to say that openSUSE is a truly professional and well designed distribution. As a result I have switched from Ubuntu and joined the community.

My problem is that the Nvidia Opengl sync to vblank doesn't work with the Compiz Fusion sync to vblank. When I have Compiz sync to vblank by itself it is smooth as butter but having the two together and reloading the window manager using the Fusion Icon makes it choppy. I would like to have this function since there is tearing in OpenGl games. I also use unredirect fullscreen windows in Compiz since it eliminates game stutters. Is there any way to make the two work because if I disable the Compiz sync to VBlank it causes video tearing when watching tv and playing DVD's. I have searched the forums but couldn't find anyone with the same issue. Tell me if I've missed some info and forgive me I'm new to linux

My configuration:

openSUSE 11
Nvidia GeForce 7600gt AGP
Nvidia driver 173.14.12
Compiz Fusion 0.7.8-9.1