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    I installed 11.0 a few days ago. I've got it up and running with everything. So far so good. My question is: How do I manipulate software programs in the menu? In the Menu under 'New applications' I have about 100 programs that should be put into other categories. How can I move them around (like with kmenuedit or menuedit. . . .I haven't seen anything in kde 4.1 that would direct me in that direction. I also have proprietary software that will work in Linux but I can't get it into the menu because I can't find an app like kmenuedit or menuedit that would allow me to set them up in the menu. What or where do I go from here. BTW opensuse is light years ahead of Mandriva 2009. . . . IMHO. It is still very buggy.


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    If you want to edit the menu, simply right click on kmenu, and select "menu editor"

    Usually, the entries in the new applications section go away after you log in and out, or after you use them for the first time. After that, it will categorize them.

    Hope it helps

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