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Thread: KDE apps only print only part of pages

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    Default KDE apps only print only part of pages

    I'm running Suse 11, 32bit

    I can't print documents or pictures from KDE applications, ie Konqueror. It will only print a third of each page, it then moves the paper out one more third and it keeps the remaining third in the printer.
    When I print a 2-page document it prints a 1/3 of the first page, moves the page out and prints a 1/3 of the next page and keeps the paper in.
    I went into the KDE printer settings and tried to print the KDE test page and even that would print only a third.

    I can print from all other apps (Gimp, Firefox, OpenOffice etc) without any problem. The CUPS test print is also fine.

    My wife is running the same (model) printer with the same driver and the same OS - no problem.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: KDE apps only print only part of pages

    i did not use kde but maybe you has some defaults setting for KDE at A5 or A6 page size?

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    Default Re: KDE apps only print only part of pages

    It did have all the settings on A4.
    I managed to sort it now. I deleted all printers registered with KDE and added my printer again, manually, using the printers own ppd file, not the generic one. That seems to have done the trick. I wonder why I haven't thought of that sooner.
    Thanks for your help, though, didencool.

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