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Thread: Sudenly Gnome nor Kde won't start

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    Mihaita NNTP User

    Default Sudenly Gnome nor Kde won't start

    SUSE 10.0 (Dual boot Vista and Suse)
    No problem with booting.
    It worked fine for months.

    After an update, before Gnome menu starts, a little window apears with the message:

    "The last session was less then 10 seconds... etc." And I can read the ~/.Xsession.errors file which says:

    " etc/X11/xim - checking wether an input method should be started
    INPUT_METHOD is not set or empty (no user selected)
    Trying to start a default input method for the locale ro.RO.utf-8
    There is no default input method for the current...

    /usr/X11R6/bin/gnome line 208: /usr/bin/dbus-launch permission denied

    /usr/X11R6/bin/gnome line 208: /usr/bin/dbus-launch cannot execute permission denied

    Please, what can I do ? I configured Local Apache server to work with MySql and Perl and suddenly I my work is interrupted.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled
    from the SUSE DVD 10.0 KDE, Gnome and Minimal graphical enviroment but no improvement.
    I have online re-updated the system but still the same problem.
    Please help !
    Thank you in advance !

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    Default Re: Sudenly Gnome nor Kde won't start

    Hi Mihaita
    I've deleted the duplicate thread for you.
    Please don't post identical threads in different areas -- it gets everyone confused.

    Leap 42.3 & 15.1(Beta) &KDE
    FYIs from the days of yore

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