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Thread: First experience with OpenSUSE

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    Default First experience with OpenSUSE

    Yesterday I downloaded and have run OpenSUSE Live CD. Unfortunately, it will not recognise my dlink DWL-G550 PCI (which is not unusual).

    If also has not recognised my 250Mb Pen drive/ Bluetooth.

    However on checking the device out further it has been somehow disconnected without unmounting which means it needs to be formatted to function properly.

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    Default Re: First experience with OpenSUSE

    hi are you have any experience with linux or opensuse is first your linux distribution?
    i google for your card and found that your card based on atheros chipset... the common way to make this work is madwifi drivers Atheros madwifi - openSUSE...
    also this hardware could work with ndiswraper (with windows drivers) SDB:Ndiswrapper - openSUSE
    and last atheros has there own proprietary drivers for linux but this afaik for money...
    i has no any of this but my friends is working with such cards... i am not shure is them exactly G550 but some like this...

    describe your expirience here please...

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