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Thread: iBook G4 wifi - quick question to get working

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    Question iBook G4 wifi - quick question to get working

    I've used kubuntu/ubuntu on my iBook before and managed to get wifi working on it with ndswrapper and all that fun stuff. However, I'm having a bit harder of a time getting it to work with Suse (and not sure why).... is there anything I need to know that's different between the two? I'm not afraid of breaking things - I can always reinstall and start over from scratch if need be. And yes, I have been scouring the forums on the procedure to use, which seems to redirect to the work around for Suse 10.2 - however it says to use sux - (?) in terminal for it all and I was not able to use that in terminal..... maybe I am doing something wrong?

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    Box1: MEPIS-8.5/sidux/openSUSE-11.3M6(broken-wifi/hiddenSSIDs)/XP(32-bit), nvidia 5200
    Lap1: antiX-8.5(KDE4.4.3)/MEPIS-8.5/Vista, Intel 945GM, builtin-wifi->Broadcom-4311(drv=wl)

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