I've been away from the Linux world and recently I've moved back, back then I was using Mandrake Linux and now I've tried Ubuntu and now moved to openSUSE.
I have no problems except that in Gnome, whenever I need to open a "Browse" window such as the one that opens when you try to attach a file in a webmail service (Gmail, etc) or similar, that process seems to freeze for approximately 2-3 minutes, and then the window finally appears. I mean the program window freezes... for example if I try to send a file via Pidgin or attach a file in Gmail, the Pidgin window or the Firefox window freezes and remains like that for 2-3 minutes.
My specs: Dell Vostro 1500 laptop, C2D T5470 1.6ghz, 2GB RAM, 120GB HDD, GF 8400M GS vid card w/128MB, dual boot with Win Vista.
Another problem I have is that in KDE 4 the video effects seem to be slow, like "stuttering", like when a game has a low FPS rate, I don't know the word for it. In Gnome using Compiz everything seems ok, the effects are fluid, etc. But in KDE 4 whenever I try to use an effect for example for maximizing or minimizing it is like "stuttering", or slow.
But the disturbing problem is the Gnome freezing thing. Any ideas?? Everything is updated and running ok except for that.