I asked this question on the factory mailinglist never got answer. Can
anyone answer this?

I installed a test system with opensuse 11.0 ( with KDE
4.1.2 (KDE 4.1.1(KDE4.1.+20080828)) release 52.2 from the factory repository
on 10/01.

I found four items which may be bugs or just not completed yet.

 1. on KMENU under system-->terminal there is no longer an option for a
super user terminal like KDE 3.5.9-44 has.

 2. Under personal settings I can no longer find where to set up the device
icons. It is under Personal_Settings-->desktop-->behavior on 3.5.9.

3. I no longer see Cups on the kde menu, but it is installed and I can get
to it thru Konqueror. How do I add it to the menu.

4. No longer have a run option on the KDE menu.

Do I need to report these as bugs, are they incomplete or were they removed?

I'm trying to test with new KDE.

Thanks for any help. If this is not the right place to ask, let me know.
Linux register user 441463