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Thread: newer OpenOffice 3.x

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    I have just recieved OpenOffice update from Stable OOo repo (opensuse 11.0).

    Missing dependency:, need to install it manually. Is it safe to install it ? (using gnome)

    By the way, cannot find it to get it manually for opensuse 11.0. Will look on DVD

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    edit: OpenSuse 11.1-beta3 referens:

    " 3.0 ( integration continues and should be much better in this release. The most annoying bugs with missing icons, broken dialogs, Java registration, and others should be fixed..."
    openSUSE News Development Release: openSUSE 11.1 Beta 3 Now Available

    Why comes it not to 11.0? ...or When it final-version will come?

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    Default Re: newer OpenOffice 3.x

    Hi All!

    I've just done a system up-date and am now running Open Office 3.0.

    I guess we just had to post about this, and then wait.

    All cool here!

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