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Thread: OpenSUSE11, KDE, Oppen Office update issue

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    Default OpenSUSE11, KDE, Oppen Office update issue

    Hello people, following Buckesfeld's advice, I split my previous question looking for more help.

    I would like to upgrade my openoffice to the next version; the version that comes to OpenSUSE11 does not have any upgrade option in the help menu, so I can not make the upgrading this way. The OpenOffice page says that I must uninstall the older version and the install the new one, is it safe to uninstall the OpenOffice version that comes with OpenSUSE???, should I proceed? How??

    Buckesfeld told me to add the OpenOffice repository to Yast2 and update using Yast2, it didn't do anything, probably because the Oppenoffice versions are different; I am trying to go from 2.0 version (the default version) to 2.1 (the last version) I think that using Yast I get the last upgrade of the 2.0 version, but no the 2.1 version. Some idea????

    P.D. I could install Mozilla thunderbird using the Yast2, thanks Buckesfeld!!

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    Default Re: OpenSUSE11, KDE, Oppen Office update issue

    hmmmmmmmmm; we have OpenSuse 11.0 installed;

    and we have version (i586) installed;

    that is probably as new as most want;

    it is the main repository;

    have you got that activated in YaST?

    go to software repositories; bottom left; ADD;

    then at TOP of the next page, click on community repositories;

    select Main repository ; accept; quit that page; and if you find a refresh button, you should, when you go back to the software management page, be able to select OpenOffice;

    doing it through YaST; and accepting a 2.4version from the main repository, means it should do all for you; ie to try the 3.0beta version, you would have to install multiple, separate packages;

    let us know how this goes for you

    PS I believe that if you let YaST run the show, it will appropriately delete the old, and install the new, just like that, as Tommy Cooper might have said

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    Default Re: OpenSUSE11, KDE, Oppen Office update issue

    The Novell version is ahead of the Sun version in many areas; for example, you have .docx import in Novell 2.4 whereas this has only just arrived in Sun 3. So don't think the lower version number means you are missing anything.

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