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Thread: USB mount after S2ram

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    Default USB mount after S2ram

    S2ram is working well on my laptop and desktop machines. One issue though is that if I have a USB memory stick plugged in, the device is not re-mounted upon 'wake' of the system. I accidentally let my laptop fall asleep today while working in a file. Upon waking, I could not save it,and it seemed to trash the file.... No problem I had a backup.

    Is there a way to re-mount upon wake? Or is this something that should be occurring anyway? I see that this happens with both laptop and desktop.

    SUSE 11.1
    Ubuntu 8.10

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    Default Re: USB mount after S2ram

    Anyone have something to share?
    SUSE 11.1
    Ubuntu 8.10

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    Tried pulling your USB out and sticking it back in? It's not a solution, I know, but it might be a temporary workaround...
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