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Thread: Remote X, and KDESU failure

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    Unhappy Remote X, and KDESU failure

    I installed OpenSUSE 11.0 under VMWare Server 2. I have remote X working and connect via XMing. I also have the vnc remote functioning.

    It appears that from remote sessions KDESU fails to launch any application. For example, if I try to go to Yast in the menu, it prompts me for root password and then....nothing.

    If I open a terminal, switch to root, go to the folder for the y2controlcenter and launch it everything works fine.

    If I try to use kdesu from the command line to launch the y2controlcenter it fails with the same problems I get if I launch it from the application menu. I launched it from the command line as follows

    kdesu ./y2controlcenter

    Now with no & it executes, displays some information, brings up the GUI for a password which I enter then it does nothing and I regain control of the terminal.
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    Lightbulb Re: Remote X, and KDESU failure

    I just installed kde 3.5 (whatever comes with the distro) and no problems. Apparently there is a bug or issue with kde4 and kdesu in OpenSUSE11 when one uses it remotely (via VNC or x server).

    Also note that sometimes (not reproducible) back when I was running KDE 4 and would remotely try to use kdesu, I would not longer be able to use kdesu locally either. I would have to perform a restart of the PC (only thing i found that works) before I could use kdesu again.

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