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Thread: OpenSUSE 11 freezes

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    Default OpenSUSE 11 freezes

    Hi all,
    I installed OpenSUSE 11 on my ASUS Z53M Laptop. But during and after the installation my system freezes. I finally installed in textmode, but there is still the problem. I already checked the MD5Sum of the ISO and burned the DVD with 1x speed. Before I installed OpenSUSE 11, I used OpenSUSE 10.3 and that worked without problems. The laptop has a 2.2 GHZ AMD Turion CPU, 2GB Ram, Atheros WLAN-PCI card and a GeForce 6100Go graphic-card.
    Does anyone know, if there are problems with this hardware?
    Thanks for your responses,

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    Default Re: OpenSUSE 11 freezes

    Try to start your installation in safemode, or at the boot screen type after the default booting parameters:
    If this help, then you maybe have some problems with your acpi.

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