I have Opensuse 11.0 64 bits installed.
I need to compile the last alsa-driver for my sound card.
I have the kernel sources and kernel-syms installed.
This succeed with the default kernel but I have problems with the xen kernel.

I have found that some defines are also present in
/usr/src/linux/include/asm/mach-xen/asm and needed to copy smp_64.h from this library to /usr/src/linux/include/asm having then a successful configure for alsa-driver. But the alsa-driver module generated for the XEN kernel freezes the system when I try to configure the sound card with alsaconf.

Compiling, creating the alsa-driver kernel modules and configuring the sound card with the non xen kernel works right of the box.

Do I need to copy all the defines in asm/mach-xen/asm to asm?
Should I still be able to compile modules for the default kernel (non xen)?

Many thanks in advance