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Thread: FPS Problems :(

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    Default FPS Problems :(

    Hi, I am currently running a HP with a quad core processor (2.4ghz) 2gb ram, NVIDIA Geforce 9500GT graphics card and used to run world of warcraft at 90+ FPS.

    For the last week or so, i've had some major problems with FPS and am always running World of Warcraft at 5-15FPS

    I have no idea what the problem is, I am running on Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit. I've tried upgrading drivers and downgrading the drivers, allowed the game to run as a administrater also.. like i said, the game used to run perfectly fine until recently. =/

    Please help!!

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    Man, i don't like ppl to make a thread and wait and wait and an answer never comes, that's why i will make it simple.

    This is a linux forum, you won't get much help for windows here. I would love to answer your question, but i can only recommend to restore the system to a previos point and see if that helps.


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