I Have maybe 5 Different simultaneous upgrade related problems.
I have the same problem in 2 different PCs.
One have an onboard intel video card and teh other have an nvidia 8800.
But both show the same behavior.
I add Some repositories to get the QT 4.4 required by kde 4.4.1
Then I make a big upgrade to,
-XGL git_071026-79.3
-Xorg 7.4-5.1
-Compiz 0.7.8-2.3
-Compiz Fusion 0.7.8-3.1
-KDE4 4.1.2

After that I needed to reinstall video drivers and then
I have 3d acceleration but not desktop effects in any desktop (KDE3, Gnome), and in kde4 the desktop icons don't show the Gizmos, makin impossible to transform, rotate or move it. and the Konsole always give a signal 11 (SIGSEGV).

Both PCs do the same.
Should I Wait for some new upgrades?