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Thread: Desktop Cube Inside Out? -Compiz-

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    Default Desktop Cube Inside Out? -Compiz-

    Hi there!

    Well, i finally got desktop effects and rotate cube to work, but when i rotate the cube i see as if i where inside the cube and the desktops show on the inside...

    Anyone knows what i did wrong?

    Best Regards.

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    Default Re: Desktop Cube Inside Out? -Compiz-

    Hi, not sure what you mean but you can try zooming out the cube. Go to "Compiz Config Settings Manager" then go to "Rotate Cube" plugin. Under Advanced Settings you can drag the handler to the preferred zoom level.

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    Default Re: Desktop Cube Inside Out? -Compiz-

    See if the following helps:-
    Open ccsm (Alt+F2, enter ccsm, press enter) and click on the 'Desktop cube' plugin. Now select the 'behaviour' tab on the top of the right pane, and uncheck the option 'inside cube' if it is checked. Now you should have the cube probably the way you want.
    Hope that helps.

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    Default Re: Desktop Cube Inside Out? -Compiz-

    Thanks both of you for the suggestions, i checked both but when i went to ccsm and unchecked inside cube it is ok now

    thanks por posting.


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