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Thread: Compiz broken...again!

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    Default Compiz broken...again!

    Opensuse 11 x86 64 kde 4.1.1 and i updated to the latest compiz lastnight using yast->update all newer packages. Now, there is no windows decorations and Configure Desktop -> Advanced -> Session Manager -> Window Manager -> Compiz does not exist. Not able to run simple-ccsm as the keyboard does not work in terminal. There has to be a simpler way for compiz to update. Everytime i update, compiz breaks! Anyone know how to get compiz working again?

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    go back to Yast->Software management

    On the drop-down in the upper left (filter: search, etc) choose repositories.

    If you have the right repo (compiz) choose it.

    Go to each of the compiz components and in the lower right window are several tabs. One of those tabs is Version. Click on it. Reset each one to the repo-oss version (7.4.x).

    That is the only way I know off to get compiz working again. It looses some of the new features though
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