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    Default keyboard layout

    I have problems with (i think) keyboard layout under openSUSE 11.0.
    The whole system is in Slovak, and I use both English and Slovak keyboard.
    I don't know exactly when it started, but when I typed 'ls /' to console, there was an error saying that path / doesn't exist.
    It seems that the character / gets interpreted as some other character.
    There is similar situation with many other characters, including space, so I can't type nearly anything that works to console.
    Does anybody know how to fix this?
    Thank you very much.

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    Default Re: keyboard layout

    Hi, go to YaST -> Hardware -> Keyboard Layout and see if the right "Type" and "Layout" are selected.

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    Default Re: keyboard layout

    Once you have checked that you have the right hardware configuration, you need to go to Configure Desktop>Regional>Keyboard layouts and make sure you have the correct Slovak and English keyboard layouts selected.

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