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Thread: KMail send to myself not working.

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    Default KMail send to myself not working.

    I have KMail set up to check, among others, my GMail account. I also have GMail set up as my default outgoing option. The trouble is, if I send myself a message from my GMail account to my GMail account through KMail, the message will never get downloaded by KMail.

    The issue is not the sending, as I can get into GMail on the web and see the message just fine. If I send something with KMail to my GMail account using a secondary SMTP server, all goes well. If I use the web interface of GMail to send something to my GMail account, KMail gets that, too.

    So, using Kmail, sending from GMail to GMail, then trying to download that message with KMail doesn't work. For that matter, even if I use Thunderbird to send from GMail to GMail, KMail won't get that, either, although TB will. Odd.

    Thoughts? Thanks!

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