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    I must have broke my KDE4 during an update of packages. Anyway when I login knotify posts an error that it can not connect to the gstreamer multimedia backend. My deaktop is messed up its some grid pattern and the menu or anything else shows up.

    Ive tried updating some of the installed gstream packages, but nothing has changed.

    Is there a command line action I can take to reinstall kde 4.1 (id be willing to even go back to 4.0) completely and then maybe I will pick up missing packages or corrupted ones will be installed correctly?

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    combatdoc NNTP User

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    You need to update the qt4 packages from the QT4 repo:

    why the latest QT4 was not added to the regular repo I don't know, but without the latest QT4 kde 4.1x won't even load the desktop and you get the gstreamer error, et al.

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    Thank thats the clue I needed.

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    I am having Kwin problems. I updated my QT and then updated my KDE 4.1

    Since I can only use Compiz for a window manager, otherwise it crashes the X server

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