Hi all...

i hope somebody knows

i have inkjet printer epson 1160 (A3+)
it can prints with extended bottom mergins
from cups test print i have extended dimensions... but when i try to print with photoprint the it crop bottom
it is very critical to me because i needed to frame 5mm from all sides.
and standart printing have very bad quality...
maybe somebody know how to make this (saem problem can be with other epson printers) any suggestion and linkings to any howto about this problem are very welcome...


it in gnome opensuse repository

this is quote in official documentation with bold selecting exectly feature i talk about...

A: The minimum top margin is 0.12 inch (3.0 mm).
When loading multiple sheets of EPSON Photo Quality Glossy
Film, the minimum top margin is 1.2 inches (30 mm).
B-L: The minimum left margin is 0.12 inch (3.0 mm).
B-R: The minimum right margin is 0.12 inch (3.0 mm).
C: The minimum bottom margin is 0.55 inch (14.0 mm).
* You can extend the minimum bottom margin to 0.12 inch (3.0 mm)
by selecting Maximum as the Printable Area setting. However,
print quality may decline in the expanded area. Before printing large jobs, print a single sheet to confirm print quality.