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Thread: Can not set desktop background

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    Default Can not set desktop background

    Since kde update, i have been unable to set the desktop background. Opensuse 11 x86 64. Anyone else having this problem? I have gotten backgrounds from kde-look and can not set those either. Before the update it was set with blue curl. Since the update it is set to opensuse110-1600x1200 and i want to change back to blue curl.

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    I am having what I suspect is the same problem except I have it set to slideshow. It works with the default folder but whenever I add an additional folder or try to switch it it just goes back to the default directory. I have searched google and various forums and can't find anything about it. I'm assuming it's a new bug....

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    it is a bug. I have read somewhere that should be fixed next week.

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    I successfully changed my background wallpaper. Here is my method.

    1. you need your picture to be a PNG file. For me, JPG didn't work. If it isn't the case, use GIMP

    2. open a terminal and browse to /usr/share/wallpaper

    3. get su power

    4. replace openSUSE110-1600x1200.png by your PNG file where 1600x1200 may be something else for you

    commands :
    cd /usr/share/wallpapers
    cp /path_to_file/myfile.png
    mv openSUSE110-1600x1200.png openSUSE110-1600x1200.png.bck
    mv myfile.png openSUSE110-1600x1200.png

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