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Thread: OpenSuSE under OpenVZ: boot.udev problem

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    Default OpenSuSE under OpenVZ: boot.udev problem

    Namely, some services require boot.udev to be started, but that can't be started because you can't run udevd under OpenVZ, so I'm told.

    How to fix that? One solution is to modify insserv.conf and remove requirements for those low-level services that are directly dependent upon udev.

    The other is to allow boot.udevd to be started and report itself as running, however to modify it not to actually run /sbin/udevd. I'd prefer this one, or a variant thereof, because I'd like my syslog clean, this way it is filled with boot errors, especially errors I don't know how to track, for example:

    startproc: cannot stat /proc/5829/exe: Permission denied

    But, seeing that they appear before services at the start of the runlevel, I can assume those are the services that require boot.udev, itself included.

    What to do?

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    Default Re: OpenSuSE under OpenVZ: boot.udev problem


    All I can find on the net are suggestions that OpenSuse does not work (properly) under OpenVZ, because it lacks certain kernel mods:

    OpenVZ Forum: Discussions => Opensuse template

    And here that the kernel will never be patched officially for that:

    Is anyone running OpenSuse (11) under OpenVZ successfully and without problems?

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