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    Hi everyone

    i'm running opensuse 11.0 x64 and am using deluge as my torrentclient of choice. In the packman-repo version is found. However, on the site of deluge i see that version 1.0.0 is out. I would like to have that version, but they only offer .deb files for linux.
    Conversion to a rpm with alien doesn't do the trick because of missing dependencies. What to do?

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    You could download the source, top of the list in downloads at deluge.

    But I'm sure the one prepared from Packman is fine. Otherwise there is a heap of choice. Ktorrent, Vuze, Transmission......
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    thnx for the suggestion. Tried that, but am not able to compile with python.
    maybe i'll just have to stay with the current version then. i like deluge very much. just have the urge to have the latest version of everything...

    Does anyone else have an idea?

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    Probably he is just busy. But you can always inform in the packman mailing list about the new version and Pascal will update it.

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    thanks for the tip. Did as you said, and Pascal has updated Deluge to 1.0 in the packman repo!

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