I'm new to OpenSUSE (11.0) but not new to using Linux itself, however, I just have a few questions which I would like to post here in one spot, which I hope is the correct forum for this topic.

Question/Topic Summary: These questions are, basically, being asked to help me feel "at home" on my OpenSUSE system, not like a brand new apartment.

And now for my questions, I'll try to keep them brief and concise:

1.) What sort of multi-media organiser do you recommend that works great under OpenSUSE 11.0 (think iTunes but works with everything)? Recommendations?

2.) For my media needs, what is the best way to go about being able to view the majority of site conent out there on the web? Flash, YouTube, movie trailers, etc. Please recommend clear ways where I can get the right codecs for OpenSUSE for mostly everything a normal user would want.

3.) Today when I was installing updates, I had to click on each individual one and "Install" then Apply them all. How do you just install "all updates"? By all, I mean all of whichever catagory I wish to install from (Recommended, Security, etc.).

4.) What other questions should I be asking?

Thank you!