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Thread: Adobe Reader not printing under suse 10.2

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    Default Adobe Reader not printing under suse 10.2

    I am having a problem printing using Adobe Reader (version 8.1.2 SU1) running on Suse 10.2 x64 KDE.
    The following message is displayed when I go to print using Adobe reader:

    bad printcap name 'printer@', has '@' character

    I am, however, able to print perfectly using any other program (including firefox, KPDF and even by command line). I have tried re-installing both Adobe reader and CUPS and I have also tried various different CUPS configurations. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

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    Default Re: Adobe Reader not printing under suse 10.2

    Use KPDF instead. 10.2 is nearly two years old and the version of Adobe Reader you are using is more recent than that.

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