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Thread: KDEsvn problem

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    Default KDEsvn problem

    After updating kdesvn to 1.0.1 I have been getting this problem,

    "Could not find our part:
    /opt/kde3/lib/kde3/ undefined symbol: _ZN3svn15ContextListener22contextConflictResolveERNS_14ConflictResultERKNS_19ConflictDescriptionE"
    When I hit the ok button a new window named kdesvn does open but the window is empty, running it from konsole doesn't show any other errors.
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    Default Re: KDEsvn problem


    did you compiled kdesvn by yourself or are you using a version from the build service? For me it works without any issues. Did you try to relogin after installation? Did you also update libsvnqt4?

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    You need to upgrade libsvnqt4 to the latest version. I had this problem, upgraded to v1.0.2-2.1 and everything started working.
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