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Thread: latest Java sre cant be installed

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    Default latest Java sre cant be installed

    so i have a RuneScape account and i want to play on it in the fancy new HD mode.
    thing is i can play it in lower detail, but when i try to un HD it says i need a more recent Java version

    ok everything cool i download the latest version
    unpack/install/whateveritdoes the bin file
    i try to run the created rpm like the manual says but then the console tells me:
    Preparing packages for installation...
    package jre-1.6.0_07-fcs is already installed

    i tried again to play HD after this msg but it still says i need to update and redirects me to

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    Default Re: latest Java sre cant be installed

    that is because the package is already installed, you want to upgrade the package not install it, rpm considers this differently

    use -U

    rpm -U /path/to/jre-1.6.0_07-fcs.rpm

    use the acual path to the file and actual file name

    if you get HD to work plz tell me i had it working once, but i cant get it to work again

    you should know that there are no recorded cases of HD mode working on linux without a NVIDIA, ATI, or INTEL graphics card

    so basically you need a good/moderate graphics card

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