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    thats strange my printer stopped working I am using an epson c62 printer and it stopped working it is in the printer folder in the control panel but it isn't listing my printer driver I looked around but I am not sure where to get the proper driver for my printer.
    this version of Linux seems pretty buggy so far which is a bummer because it is a good looking distro

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    If it has just 'stopped working' have you tried
    to see if CUPS has stopped it for some reason?

    If that is the problem, you can restart it. If it asks for a username and password, give the ones you are logged on as.

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    well the thing is that my printer is listed but the driver isn't listed so I cannot install the driver this is totally strange because I just used the printer the other day and I didn't have to manuallyinstall anything I am not sure of where to find the driver for my printer since the driver for my printer isn't listed

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    holly **** that was a huge hassle but I did get it to work again lol I had to delete the printer reinstallit using the the guten driver then I am not sure hat I did I was trying so many different things I finally fluked out and now my printer is working lol

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