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Thread: No Firefox Plugins in SUSE 11.0

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    Default No Firefox Plugins in SUSE 11.0

    I've just upgraded to SUSE 11.0 from 10.3. Firefox 3.0 is showing no plugins and yet browser plugins are present in usr/lib64/browser-plugins.

    Is Firefox supposed to look in this directory automatically, or do I have to do something?


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    Default Re: No Firefox Plugins in SUSE 11.0

    You shouldn't have a problem. Assume by upgrade you mean a install of OS11 and keeping /home, otherwise a new install to /

    And FF is installed from the install dvd?

    in your ff location bar:
    gives what?
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    Default Re: No Firefox Plugins in SUSE 11.0

    Very mysterious. The first time I ran aboutlugins, it came back with "no plugins". I closed firefox, restarted it and tried again to confirm the exact response, and now all the plugins appear.

    Fingers crossed that it stays that way!

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    Default Re: No Firefox Plugins in SUSE 11.0

    Thanks for your response. You solved my problem, albeit indirectly! When I started Firefox from my thread reply email notification, I had plugins. When I started it from my panel shortcut, I didn't.

    A quick bit of investigation showed that my shortcut was set to /usr/lib64/firefox/firefox whereas the preferred application setting was "firefox %s".

    I've now changed by panel shortcut to just "firefox" and I have plugins.

    Thanks again!

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