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    Hi everyone

    I've looked on the net, and then again for a solution for my problem. But unfortunately i haven't found the answer.
    The problem is that when i connect my Canon 350d digital cam the cam isn't recognized automatically, nor manually. Whatever i try (with fstab setting to /proc/usb), with manually entering data in digiKam anout the cam, with switching between normal USB and PTP mod, nothing seems to work. And the most annoying thing is that it all worked in the past with OpenSuse 10.3.
    The cam works just fine on my XP machine.
    My cardreader doesn't work either.

    Does someone have a solution for this problem? I hate to move back to my xp machine for just this reason...

    thanks in advance!


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    Default Re: problems with digital cam

    It might be this recent problem with udev found with a search.

    Bug#409209: marked as done (digikam: Canon 350D (digital rebel) not det

    Check /var/log/messages to see if the cam is detected on USB plugin. If not, raise a bug report with Novell, quoting the Debian/Ubuntu bug report above.

    Of course, check that your packages are all patched from the official updates repo before you do this.

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