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Thread: updater suggesting erroneous packages

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    Unhappy updater suggesting erroneous packages

    The updater applet is suggesting packages to be installed due to security fixes. The only issue is that some of the packages aren't installed on my system so there isn't a security problem. For instance, why is a recommended security update to bytefx-data-mysql being proposed when I don't have that package installed?
    How do I stop it?

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    I've got the exact same problem. Apparently this software cannot be installed in my case because Beagle requires certain Mono software and bytefx-data-mysql requires different Mono software. I obviously don't give a **** about bytefx-data-mysql.

    If the software has dependency problems, why the hell does the updater tell me I need to install it?

    I even went into Yast and told it to treat byfx-data-mysql as "taboo - never install" and the updater ignores this.

    How can I get this resolved without uninstalling Beagle?

    And why can't any Linux distro get package updating right? There's always some **** like this.

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    Default Re: updater suggesting erroneous packages

    OK, fixed it myself. Based on another thread where somebody had a problem with Beagle and Mono, I went to the Mono Project and added the FTP repository for openSUSE 10.3 to my repositories.

    Then I went into Yast, searched for Mono and selected to update the installed version. This got me the latest mono V1.9.1-whatever and related packages. Plus I selected to install the bytefx-data-mysql package, which Yast accepted this time without complaint.

    After installing the updated Mono and telling the Updater to "Check Now", it comes back with No Updates Found. So apparently the version of bytefx-data-mysql I installed with the Mono update was the latest security patched version.

    And nothing else appears to have been disturbed by updating to the latest Mono.

    Hopefully this will help others.

    But they still need to make the Updater smarter - it needs to check whether you have the packages installed that the security update applies to - version and all.

    So again, correct package updating still isn't there yet.

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