I'm fairly new to Linux. I'm running openSuse 11.0 on ppc.
I have some questions.
I) When compiling is there a certain folder I should be doing it from?
As of now, I download the source and I move it to the folder /home/stephan.brubaker/Programs. Now i am doing this using Dolphin as I don't know how to unpack tar's in the terminal. Then of course in terminal I cd to the folder and ./configure ; make ; make install it.

II) I want to be able to play dvd's on my PC but the version of Xine that comes with Suse doesn't allow it. I have installed the libdvdcss.
I need to install Xine from source. I need to know :

1) do i need to uninstall the version I have "i tried this through yast but it told me that a lot of other things had to be removed aswell so I just canceled it.

2) I tried to install from source anyway and while it was configuring it came back with the error telling me that it couldn't find ffmpeg-libpostproc but right about that line was the one telling me that it had found ffmpeg fine.

Side note - i had also installed ffmpeg from source in the same fashion as i described above. I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

Thanks alot,