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Thread: Xgl error in suse 10.1

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    Default Xgl error in suse 10.1

    Hi everyone,

    i had installed suse 10.1 on my Host PC and it was working fine. I tried to appply 3D desktop effects by installing xgl and updating the display manager to Xgl instead of kdm. when i rebbot the system, the system did not boot, only a blank screen with the cursor blinking is coming. I tried to login in teh command prompt (using alt+ ctrl+f1), but could not. Nothing is working except the blank screen.

    I lost the original SUSE 10.1 DVD also.i have suse 10.3 and i tried to upgrade from suse 10.1 to 10.3. but when i gave update , it did not detect the partitions on teh exeisting hard disk

    Can anyone provide me any suggestion or solutions as to how to retrieve my stored data's ?

    with regards,

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    Default Re: Xgl error in suse 10.1

    * sar van81,

    I suggest updating to Opensuse 11


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