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Thread: Yast / KDE Security Problem

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    Default Yast / KDE Security Problem

    I have noticed in Open SUSE 11 that when I run Yast in KDE (after providing the root password) I can close Yast, and still open and close Yast as many times as I want without entering a password as long as I am still logged in.

    This seems like a major security flaw, but it still happens even after running the latest patches.

    Has anyone else noticed this behavior?

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    If you've checked the remember password check box in KDE su then it remembers the password for 5 minutes or so. If you launch yast again that timer refreshes I think.

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    Default Re: Yast / KDE Security Problem

    Yes I've done this it is 5 minutes & it does refresh after each reuse of yast. It isn't a flaw it's your,"Oh I almost forgot protection."
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    OK you're right, it does go away after about 5 minutes. I assumed it was a bug, because I always used to get a crash in KDE after configuring Kinternet and the KDE crash handler would come up. This has been fixed through updates. I always associated the crash with no log in to get back into Yast.

    I just assumed it was a bug, because I was never asked if I wanted to keep Yast open for 5 minutes after logging in, and usually Suse is good about bringing things like that to your attention.

    I still think it's unnecessary though, and would prefer not to have this option.

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    Default Re: Yast / KDE Security Problem

    I think you can uncheck the box and it will no longer behave this way.

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