I can unzip or unrar a file without a problem, but how can I do the same for multiple zipped or rared files, without losing some of the contents.

When I try to do so, by selecting several zipped or rared files then right click then click on either "Extract here" or "Extract to Subfolders" the process starts without a problem. However, after everything has been extracted, and I have a look at the contents of the folders which have been extracted, I see that they are either empty or only have a few files.

I will get zipped files, photos from my brother, with upto 200 - 300 pictures, the whole zipped or rared files ends up being about 150MB - 200MB. If I get 3 or 4 such files, as I did after he came back from his trip to Australia, and sent 10 such files with over 1500 photos, I had to unzip each file individually, since when I tried to do 2 or more at a time, I managed only to extract a few pictures per zipped file.

Anyone know a solution?