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Thread: why doesn't scp work

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    Default why doesn't scp work

    it only returns "running cshrc" after requiring pwd.
    without doing the transfer
    btw, my naulitus does not allow to connect to that server with ssh.
    and filezilla wont connect either.

    ps, what can I type after "paul@theta.***.***.edu~" to get some file to my own machine? seems it should be possible

    in windows I used to use winscp. I hear in linux the most often used command for such purpose is scp. however, the seemingly unique possible way is now unavailable.. really strange

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    Default Re: why doesn't scp work

    I suggest you copy-paste what happens when you attempt scp at a terminal - with anything you don't want to disclose replaced by asterisks if you feel that's important.

    Then we can take things step by step - at the moment one needs to ask too many questions in order to understand your symptoms.

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    Default Re: why doesn't scp work

    OP, we went through this already in the earlier thread you posted. Your csh login is echoing some extra output and that is ruining your scp/sftp session. You will get absolutely nowhere until you get rid of that extra output. Posting another thread isn't going to magically make it work.

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