I am using opensuse 11.0 on my mythtv mediacentre box.

I have an IR reciever from IRTrans which has server software available on their website. It basically runs a server program that replaces the lirc server. It provides a socket so that any other lirc clients ( like mythtv ) are compatible.

I had an issue where I had the irserver running, had my remote file taught, and other lirc client programs were running fine (eg irw, irrecord, irclient ( by IRTrans) , EXCEPT for mythtv. Mythtv kept giving me an "lirc-init failed" error when I started mythfrontend.

I ended up having to put a symlink to my /dev/lircd socket file in my /var/run/lirc/ directory (renamed the lircd file that was already in there).

Although I am glad it is all working now, I was wondering if anyone could explain to me why this is the case? I have run the IRtrans software before on a Fedora Core box and all was good. I am guessing it is something Suse related - just dont know what.

Anyone have an explanation?