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Thread: Help with compiz! please!

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    Default Help with compiz! please!

    I destroyed windows and switched to linux because of, among other reasons, compiz but it dont work!!

    Im using gnome, ATI radeon X1300 and an intel pentium d.

    Everytime i try to on desktop effex, my screen restarts(no problem there) as if it started. but, it dosent work~! nothing works!!
    Im almost on the verge of reverting back to windows!!!!(but i wont unless you guys tell me nothing will work)

    my computer registers my graphics card and everything is in perfect condition.


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    Default Re: Help with compiz! please!

    Have u installed the ATI drivers for your graphics card? If not then you will have to install the latest one.

    Refer this link.
    ATI - openSUSE

    - Thejaswi Raya

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