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Thread: i cannot recieve any email...

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    Default i cannot recieve any email...

    Good day!!!

    I have a problem, I installed Squirrel mail in my Opensuse 10.3 server, cyrus-imapd is working and i can also login but once I send any mail,it is not reaching to its destination. We are not connected to WAN, only local mail. I check the mail log their is no error. it says the message already deliver to maildir, but once i check the inbox theirs nothing.

    what could be the problem? pls help me. My boss might fired me.

    Thank you

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    Is the mail not getting to squirrel (did you click "Check mail" link?) or even another mail client does not work?

    Is your squirrel configured properly (e.g. protocolo: imap, imap port - 143).

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    Default Re: i cannot recieve any email... using port 143 in imaps,imap....and im also refreshing the user mail inbox ...

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    Default Re: i cannot recieve any email...

    what could be the problem? pls help me. My boss might fired me.
    I think the reason you have not received any replies is that your post almost looks like some one not being serious. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, mail delivery and receipt have nothing to do with SquirrelMail or Imap. Mail delivery is handled exclusively by Postfix. Thus, to figure out your mail problem, I would recommend breaking functionality down to the individual components.

    1. Confirm that postfix is properly configured and able to send mail. You can even test postfix functionality by sending mail over smtp with telnet. To do that:

    * with a console on the local machine, type:
    > telnet localhost 25
    > EHLO localhost
    > MAIL FROM:
    > RCPT TO: <your email account>
    > DATA
    > Subject: This is a telnet test.
    > This is the body of a message sent over smtp with telnet
    > .
    > .

    next, check /var/log/mail to watch the progress of your message. If all goes well, it should be delivered to your mailbox.

    If the above works, then you are home free. SquirrelMail should be able to send mail from the localhost with no problems.

    Beyond the above, there are quite a few howto docs out there that can help with other specifics, such as this one:

    HOWTO:Installing Squirrelmail - EnGardeWiki

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: i cannot recieve any email...

    To add to the above excellent tips for debugging email delivery, check where mail is getting dropped off. Out of the box, postfix delivers to /var/spool/mail/user. If you want to use Maildir format you have to configure postfix to do that. The postfix variable is home_mailbox and it should be set to Maildir/ (trailing slash important) to get delivered to /home/user/Maildir/

    PS: If your boss tries to fire you tell him you didn't get the email.

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