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    I just downloaded the new OpenSuse 11 and went for the KDE 3.5 desktop. Now a little while ago, probably over a year, I remember using KDE with an older openSuse and manipulating the panels somehow to make a bar at the bottom that "somewhat" mimmicked the OSX bar. It wasn't the same, but it was completely transparent and whenever you scrolled over icons that you put in the panel, firefox/terminal/etc, they would kinda enlarge just a little.

    But for some odd reason I can't seem to get that to work at all. Is there an easy way to get this, that I'm just missing?? Thanks for the help everyone!!

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    Transparency for the standard kde panel is in the desktop config, or you may be able to right click the panel too.
    In the Packman repo there are some options for this:
    eg: kxdocker (and a whole list of plugins that go with it)
    kdocker (seems simpler)

    I have not tried either
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    "avant window manager" and "cairo dock" come with openSUSE and do what I think you'd like.

    I use the latter with a mix of a Gnome desktop and KDE applications.

    You'll need a compositing window manager (whatever gives you desktop effects) for best eye candy. I enabled compositing in metacity, I think KDE3 has a tickbox for the equivalent.

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