Alright, I've got a handful of little gripes and issues that google's helped to some varying degree. On one end I figured out what to do with Compiz, whereas my resolution problem is completely untouched, as is my issue with gnome panels.

Anyway, I got my new monitor today and ran sax2 -r and set the proper resolution. However, when I logoff and log back in(haven't hard reset, this shouldn't be necessary.) my resolution is 1280x960 again. Even ran nvidia-settings as root and saved to the xorg.conf, no luck.

CS:S runs like a charm, minus the fact that it crashes in seconds of joining at any resolution > 1024x768. It's particularly odd since CS:S runs under Wine at nigh-Windows framerates (even dx9 mode, oddly enough). TF2 doesn't crash like this, though it has extremely poor performance.

Now onto what probably seems like a minor gripe. it seems I've broken formatted subtitle support in gstreamer...somehow. Now subtitles aren't autoloaded, and the formatting is absent, causing subs that should be positioned at the top to show on the bottom next to what should be there. Font size is also being ovverwritten.