Hi everyone.

I'm having a few issues with Bluetooth-OBEX and SuSE11-Konquerer (KDE 4.1).

I can use send/receive files ok, discovering devices, pairing is ok etc.

I cannot establish an OBEX connection to view/traverse files on the remote device (mobile phone) using Konquerer like I used to in 10.3 (KDE3.5).

I type the device address into Konquerer OBEX://[xx:xx:xx:xx] same as in my previous distro of SuSE, but Konquerer just defaults to the root local partition (/).

I've been reading lots of conflicting stuff on sites about KDE 4.1 and Bluetooth/OBEX, what's the official status of it, is my install missing some dependencies or apps? Anyone else having/had/fixed similar issues?

Thanks in advance.