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Thread: Pulse audio questions

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    Default Pulse audio questions

    Just installed suse 11 with Gnome desktop. Come to find out after the fact that its installed with the new pulse audio system. Not overly impressed by the whole setup.

    VLC Audio is very spotty, it breaks about once every 2 seconds or and I can't get any sound out of my firefox plugins other than flash. banshee does however seem to play audio just fine.

    So my questions are as follows.

    1- can i do a fresh install of suse 11 with gnome desktop without installing pulse and just have regular old alsa?

    2- if the above answer is no, whats the best way to go about sorting out the issues i'm having? I have tried most of the links that are mentioned in this thread and nothing has helped.

    No sound with SUSE 11 - openSUSE Forums

    3- does the brand/type of sound card you have affect pulse performance/compatibility? If yes what would be a good one to get?


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    Default Re: Pulse audio questions

    You could try removing alsa-plugins-pulse which apparently helps certain applications such as VLC to perform a little better.

    Some people have suggested removing Pulse and using Esound however that gave me a whole lot of other issues with games so I returned to Pulse minus the above plugin and my Gnome installation is now working fine sound wise.

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