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Thread: Installing Vmware tools

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    budlightnmyhand NNTP User

    Default Installing Vmware tools

    I am trying out openSUSE for the first time. I'm having trouble installing vmware tools. i can get the tarball extracted and i can get vm tools installed but when it goes to configure i get the error message " my kernel was built with "gcc" 4.3.1 and i have installed 4.3. How do i fix this?

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    Menes Narmer NNTP User

    Default Re: Installing Vmware tools

    budlightnmyhand wrote:

    > How do i fix this?

    There's no real need to fix this. Unless you want to back-rev your gcc
    which is a REALLY bad idea.

    They should build just fine with the installed version. I believe it gives
    you the option?

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