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    pshankland NNTP User

    Question VNC

    Hi, am sure this is a noob question, but could do with the help!!

    I have installed a new OpenSUSE 11.0 machine and want to be able to VNC to it. When the machine is logged in I can VNC but when it is at the login screen I cannot.

    Can someone help me out?


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    experimentor NNTP User

    Default Re: VNC

    ssh yourservername
    su ( become root, needs password )
    #cd /etc/X11
    #cp xorg.conf
    #cp xorg.conf.install xorg.conf
    #reboot ( your server )
    (ping yourserver, after reply wait a minute)
    vncviewer yourservername:0

    do not type the text between ( ... )

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    There are three types of VNC that I have found. Which one do you want?:

    1. Remote management. This is configureable in YaST. When you log on to your machine, it will start a brand new session regardless if you have one already logged int. You cannot use the session already logged in. This runs on port 5901 (usually.)

    2. KRFB. This is a VNC daemon specifically for KDE. It will lets you use your already-logged-in KDE session through VNC. It doesn't let you start a new session or give access to the login screen (this may have changed - it has been a while since I used it.)

    3. Standard X VNC. This is my preferred way. This let's you use whatever session is already logged in, and will allow you to log in with another one; in other words, it gives complete access to the X server in what ever state it is in. This use to be configurable in the SAX2 module (YaST -> Hardware -> Graphics Card and Monitor); but, it is not found in openSUSE 11.0 anymore ofr some reason. I wrote how to set this up manually here:

    Remote Access missing in openSuSE 11? - openSUSE Forums

    I hope this helps,

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