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    Hello all,

    I just revived an old HP Omnibook that used to run Win2000Prof. Having played with SuSE 8 a number of years ago I decided to give SuSE another try on this notebook, after trying Ubuntu and Mandriva. These two didn't install very nicely, but SuSE 11 did. It's working, except the Linksys WPC54G PCMCIA wireless card.

    Well, it's working (at least identified), since YAST shows the card in the 'hardware' and also shows the card in the PCMCIA slot. In the network section is a UTP 'cabled' connection and a 'wlan0' wich is 'not connected'. But how can I get this thing connected? Connected to my router by cable: no problem. I can connect to the Internet.

    I suppose I don't need the NDISwrapper since it has been identified and installed (right...? )but surfing on the support pages I don't find anything.
    My config: HP Omnibook 6100, OpenSuSE 11, Linksys WPC54G, KDE, installed from the LiveCD, Zyxel router with Belkin accesspoint. I have this distinct feeling I missed something, but what did I overlook and where is it? Thanks for your patience and any attempt to help a nitwit...

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    to get it to connect,you need to fill in the details YaST network devices - network settings. click on the device & then click configure/edit

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    You may also need to install firmware. Look at the output of the
    command dmesg to see what it says.


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    Well, the command dmesg at least revealed that the firmware was in urgent need of an update. I tried to update this, but somehow I get errormessages trying to do so... but I think I'm on the right track. Hopefully... Thanx for the help so far, guys!

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