opensuse 10.3, dual monitors (nvidia fx570, i think), dell t5400, and vmware wkstn 6.0.

the bios uses port one of the video card (i refer to it as the "console" screen.) however, once kde is up it changes port 1 to be monitor 2 and port 2 to be monitor 1. i can live with that, sort of...

the monitors are not set up as one logical screen, they are two separate screens, 1 and 2. monitor 2 (port 1) is used for linux and has the kde toolbar, icons, etc. monitor 1 (port 2) is used to run winxp under vmware in full screen. about half the time, when i open an app (for example konsole with a special keyboard map) that is installed on the toolbar it opens up behind the vmware window. i have to right-click the toolbar instance, put it on-top and then drag it over to the "console" monitor.

i need to change this behavior. what i would like, is for the "console" to be linux screen and the second monitor to be the vmware window only. in other words, all of the linux apps need to always open on the "console" screen just like a single monitor setup.

can anyone point me toward some docs to help achieve this? probably editing xorg.conf.