I am experiencing a strange issue with my Dell D620 laptop running openSUSE 11 with all updates applied.

Sometimes, when I log into KDE 3.5.x, I have no access to kNetworkmanager or KMix. KMix attempts to load and faults out and KNetworkManager displays, but it's grey and it says that I have no connections. When this happens the network works fine, but sound does not. This issue is very intermittent as well, 85% of the time I don't have this issue. If I reboot a few times, it usually goes back to working normally or if I log out and log in as root it works fine.

I believe this to be a /dev permissions issue. However, this is my corporate workstation and it authenticates against AD so I can't just add my AD account to the audio group. I do have Samba groupmaps mapping my AD groups to local ones (audio), but this doesn't seem to make any difference either.

Anybody have any ideas on what is happening/how to fix this?